If you need copies of a property's current septic and well records, please complete the form below. For record look-ups, the following information is required: Subdivision and lot number. If the property is not located in a subdivision, provide the septic/well permit holder's full name.

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Please allow 2-3 business days for record look-up. Records will be emailed to the address provided in the form. You may also request records by fax 304-496-9650.Type your paragraph here.

Water Wells:
WV in 2008 passed new Legislation concerning Individual Water Wells.

  1. A well driller must be certified by the State of West Virginia
  2. Homeowners and drillers must obtain permits to drill a well
  3. All wells must be constructed to meet the minimum Design Standards

To obtain a list of Certified Well Drillers and Pump Installers click here

Upon Medical request, water samples of individual water supplies (wells, springs, etc...) can be performed and submitted to the West Virginia State lab for analysis to determine if coliforms are present. Homeowners who wish to have their water supply sampled must fill out a Request for Water Analysis form and submit it to the Hampshire Health Department.

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Boil Water Notice:

If your community is placed under a boil water notice, it is important that you follow the instructions of your water provider to remain healthy during that time. Click here for CDC's tips on what to do during a boil water notice. 

Sewage and Water

​​The West Virginia Department of Health has established regulations and design standards for Individual Sewage Systems and the drilling of Water Wells. The standards have been developed to protect those members of the public who will depend upon ground water sources. You, as the homeowner, should be aware of the following requirements:

Individual Sewage Systems:

  1. A Sewage System Installer must be certified by the State of West Virginia
  2. Homeowners and Sewage System Installers must obtain permits to install an Individual Sewage System
  3. A septic permit must be obtained before any building permits will be issued
  4. All Individual Sewage Systems must be constructed to meet the minimum design standards

To obtain a list of Certified Sewage System Installers click here

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